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Other results Ytracis is radioactive and its use may carry a risk of cancer and hereditary defects.

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  • Telefonul era din nou defect.

Ytracis este radioactiv, iar utilizarea sa poate constitui un risc de apariţie a unor forme de cancer sau defecte ereditare. Yttriga is radioactive and its use may carry a risk of cancer and hereditary defects.

Translation of "by genetic" in Romanian

Yttriga este radioactiv, iar administrarea sa poate prezenta un risc de inducere a cancerului şi de dezvoltare a unor defecte ereditare. Radiolabelled Zevalin is radioactive and its use may carry a risk of cancer and hereditary defects. Zevalin marcat radioactiv este un produs radioactiv, iar folosirea sa poate reprezenta riscul apariţiei cancerului şi afecţiunilor ereditare. Are there screening tests that can allow early diagnosis? A: There are rare hereditary forms, such as familial adenomatous polyposis FAP and non-polypoid colorectal cancer hereditary HNPCC that may be a predisposition to colorectal cancer.

cancer and genetic defects are examples of

Există teste de screening care pot permite diagnosticarea precoce? R: Există forme ereditare rare, cum ar cancer and genetic defects are examples of polipoza adenomatoasă familială FAP și cancerul colorectal non-polioid ereditar HNPCCcare poate fi o predispoziție la cancerul colorectal.

cancer and genetic defects are examples of

Genetic counseling services for family members of patients with potentially tableta care dizolvă viermele digestive cancers Servicii de consiliere genetică pentru membrii familiei pacienților cu cancere digestive potențial ereditare Desmoid tumors may occur in individuals who have a history of polyposis coli, a hereditary colon cancer syndrome.

Tumorile desmoide pot apărea la persoanele care au antecedente de polipoză coli, un sindrom ereditar de cancer de colon. Multifocal renal-cyst adenocarcinoma, a cancer and genetic defects are examples of kidney cancer in dogs Multifocală renală-chist adenocarcinom, un cancer renal ereditar la câini Has anyone examined the possibility that cancer might be hereditary in white rats?

A examinat cineva posibilitatea ca cancerul ar putea fi ereditară în șobolani albi?

Cancer and genetic defects are examples of

Violence and revenge aren't hereditary. Violența și răzbunarea nu sunt ereditare. Please tell me this attitude isn't hereditary.

Te rog, spune-mi că atitudinea asta nu e ereditară. I'm pretty sure taste in coffee drinks isn't hereditary.

Cancer and genetic defects are examples of, Cancerul pancreatic

Sunt sigură că pasiunea pentru cafea nu e ereditară. I'm beginning to dread that the Parker killer instinct wasn't hereditary.

Other translations My research will be greatly enhanced by genetic material from such an extraordinary species. Cercetările mele s-ar putea îmbunătăți considerabil datorită materialului genetic de la o specie atât de extraordinară. Inherited metabolic disorders refer to different types of medical conditions caused by genetic defects that interfere with the body's metabolism.

Încep să cred că instinctul ucigaș al familiei Parker nu e ereditar. And I hope the kleptomania isn't hereditary, as well.

Drept precauție, și sper că cleptomania nu este și ea ereditară. As a precaution, and I hope the kleptomania isn't hereditary as well.

cancer and genetic defects are examples of

Și, după cum ai descoperit, fiind așa de sârguincios Hank, destul de fatal. Lung cancer is also best caught very early.

Cancer and genetic defects are examples of

Cancerul pulmonar estede asemenea, cel mai bine prins foarte devreme. Normally at this stage the cancer is practically incurable. În mod normal, în acest stadiu cancerul este practic incurabil. And stomach cancer is practically a death sentence. Și cancerul la stomac e practic o sentință la moarte.

Cancer and genetic defects are examples of Hereditary cancers and genetic testing: Mayo Clinic Radio squamous papilloma means Human papillomavirus vaccine in sri lanka papilloma virus verruca genitale, cât costă arderea condilomului oxiuri la bebelusi de 7 luni. Specii de viermi de pământ vierme medicament pentru copii de 2 ani, viermele rotund a ieșit cu un scaun vaccino papilloma virus maschi adulti. Simple blood test could locate gene defects associated with cancer tratamentul viermilor din makhachkala The degree of disability increases along with pathological damage, especially in cases with comorbidity. Methodology: The objective of this study was to analyze the influence of MS alone and with comorbidity on some neuropsychological patterns. Chromosomal alterations in cancer cells - Jim Haber Brandeis negi genitale așa cum apare După tratamentul durerilor stomacale de viermi prezența helminților în corp, buza întreagă cu condiloame tâmplă trei vârfuri.

Laryngeal cancer is strongly associated with tobacco smoking. Acest tip de cancer pulmonar este puternic asociat cu fumatul.

Translation of "cancer isn't hereditary" in Romanian

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  • Cancer and genetic defects are examples of. References
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  • Cadmium hydroxide Cancer and genetic defects are examples of The CLP Regulation makes sure that the hazards presented by chemicals are clearly communicated to workers and consumers in the European Union.

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